Hi, my name is Ray and this is my blog for math and CS related topics. I believe that you don’t really know what you’re talking about unless you can present the information in a digestible and intuitive way. In order to ensure I really know the material I learned, I compile them in blogposts here. Some of these blogposts somehow got traction on reddit and hackernews, and has been translated in multiple languages. I’m thankful for the appreciative emails, and I’ve recently just added a comment functionality to my blog!

I graduated from UCLA as a computer science major. I’m a huge math geek and I used to take too many math classes for fun. My interests span from theoretical mathematics to machine learning to learning about the linux kernel.

Most of the time, I write on this blog because I’m too lazy to take on some huge project and just want to chill and learn some fun stuff that’s sometimes not useful.


I recently started a job at Hudson River Trading (HRT) in New York as an Algorithm Engineer, working with (and learning from) people who are probably much smarter than me. I previously interned at some companies including Airbnb, Citadel Securities, Bloomberg etc, so I have had a sizeable amount of time working on teams that focus on scientific computing and performance. I worked a year at Airbnb on the machine learning infrastructure team and I learned lots from my peers.

If you have questions about what I wrote in my blog, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message at rayzhang@g.ucla.edu or just leave a comment on the blog. I’m just a human, so I make typos!