Networking Refresher

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TCP/IP Protocols




UDP Protocols


P2P Basics

Comparison of P2P & Client/Server

Given $N$ clients, a file of size $F$, and servers’ upload rate of $u_s$, and i-th client’s upload rate of $u_i$, and minimum download speed of any client to be $d_{min}$, we have this for the client/server architecture:

\[max(\frac{NF}{u_s}, \frac{F}{d_{min}})\]

For P2P, we have:

\[max(\frac{NF}{u_s + \sum_i u_i}, \frac{F}{d_{min}}, \frac{F}{u_s})\]

since we have the time it takes to distribute N copies of files, using upload speeds of all computers, as well as the minimum download time bottleneck, and the shards of files initially required to send to each client, we get the respective parts of the equation above.